Our safe-dining pledge ensures our guests and employees are in the very best of hands:

  1. Covid-19 Safety Plan
    In place at all venues,
  2. Mandatory Customer Check-In
    Customers required to electronically check-in
  3. Social Distancing
    Safe social distancing measures in place
  4. Safe Dining Training
    Ongoing training for all team members
  5. Hand Sanitiser
    Hand sanitisers located throughout each venue
  6. Additional Cleaning Measures
    Enhanced disinfectant protocols and frequent cleaning of high-touch surfaces
  7. Responsible Socialising
    Clear signage outlining safe socialising measures
  8. Disposable and Digital Menus
    Single-use menus
  9. Contactless Payments
    Emphasis on cashless transactions
  10. Conditions of Entry
    Follow the conditions of entry in line with Government Regulations which can be viewed HERE


At Hunter St. Hospitality we are unwavering in our commitment to quality, community and caring for our guests, employees, and suppliers.

We thank you for your ongoing support and for returning to dine at our restaurants.

We are confident that together we can coax the Australian hospitality industry back to what it was: a vibrant industry, a robust employer, and a world-leader in this dynamic field.

Stay safe,
Hunter St. Hospitality